What is FC Coaching about?

Do you have visionary goals with significant challenges that require you to navigate difficult (perhaps unknown) territory?

Are you searching for that key that will help you know how to best run the marathon of life?

Hi, my name is Cecil Wong, and I’m a life coach and the founder of Family Connections Coaching. I’m passionate about helping you focus on what matters most and partnering with you to find life changing solutions! They’re different for everyone at various times but regardless of what they are, I want to help you achieve your greatest desires and priorities. Whatever they may be, they’re connected to you and your family in some way. They are FAMILY CONNECTIONS. That’s simply because every significant thing that concerns us also affects our most precious relationships. So these connections can give us joy and peace, but they can also stress us out and everything in between.

Good? Bad, Ugly? Great? Meh? Whatever they (connections) are, if we want to move towards the very best, we need to know and act on what matters most. There are a lot of great tools, principles, and skills that can improve our connections but sometimes, with so much out there, we can easily lose sight of what we and our families really want and / or need. Because life just gets complicated, it can really help to organize things with a single unifying idea that helps us figure out what the main thing is and how to keep it the main thing. Jim Collins calls this the Hedgehog Concept.

hedgehog-or-fox-direction1According to Jim, it’s what all great leaders have in common – developing a simple concept that reveals deep insight and understanding. To experience success and fulfillment in what matters most will depend on this kind of wisdom. So how might we do like a hedgehog?

Where do we begin?

  • Then try it! (APPLICATION): Get naked. Be brutally honest about your challenges and root causes (your story) with someone you trust. Make sure to instruct this person not to give advice but after you’re done sharing, to ask you, “What do you want to do with that?” Of course you don’t need to answer immediately. You probably shouldn’t rush a response. Best answer might be, “I don’t know. I’m going to think about it more.”

Why do this? How will this help us develop a simple unifying concept to organize everything? Read on here.

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